Why Cindy and Jana?

Why Cindy and Jana?

Jana and I work closely together and will be co-writers of our blog. To allow you to hear our individual voices in this post, we have chosen to have Cindy’s words in normal font and Jana’s words in italics

Jana and I started working together 18 years ago. We were fortunate at that time to work in a brand new program for a manager who embraced innovation and change. She did not believe in doing things a certain way “just because that’s how we have always done it”. As a group we learned to always look for ways to improve the services we had for moms and babies.

Cindy and I enjoy the challenge of constant learning. In order to keep our certification as Lactation Consultants we were required to attend conferences and keep up with the latest research information. What initially started as a requirement soon became a passion.

Over the past few years, I started to hear things from families like the following:

• If only you could give me this information on my phone, it would be so much more convenient

• That information sheet I was given is probably in the pile of papers
in the diaper bag.

• I was handed that same paper with my first and second babies. Is the information up-to-date?

Trying to sift through various opinions while in a sleep deprived state is a very difficult and overwhelming task for parents. One mom told me that if she saw the same answer to her question three times, she would consider it trusted information. It seemed to me that the precious time families had with their newborns could be better spent cuddling their baby, having a bath or taking a nap.

After several conversations with Jana about the problem, we decided that change was required in order to meet the needs of the current generation.

As a result, “Cindy and Jana” was born. Our goal is to bring trusted accessible information to families as they settle in with their new baby.

And, of course, to have some fun along the way.

We are excited to begin this new journey. If you have questions or wish to make a comment, we would be happy to hear from you. Welcome to cindyandjana.com.

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