Merry Christmas from our Families to Yours




Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

Babies are born 365 days of the year. Our profession, therefore, works 365 days of the year. At our workplace, we take turns working on holidays and this Christmas, both of us are scheduled to work. We will spend Christmas Day visiting brand new families, answering questions and helping them get started with breastfeeding.


Fortunately, our own families are flexible. With a little creativity, we are able to squeeze in Christmas celebrations around our schedule.


Our Christmas preparations have been in high gear for several weeks.


Here is how Jana’s family is celebrating the holidays:






A festive tree, with decorations that actually match this year. And only complete with Zoey sleeping under the tree… her favorite spot!










A day spent watching old home movies, in awe of how quickly the kids grow up! It is amazing what you forget and how precious these videos become.








Jana's family


Having family time together. We were fortunate to have both sets of grandparents and our special friends join us for an early holiday meal. We will celebrate with more family in the early New Year.









Here’s how Cindy’s family has prepared for the holidays:


Child #3



Child #3 helping to set the mood with decorations. (What you can’t see is that the tree has a definite lean from her sons’ wrestling-match-gone-wrong a few years ago.)









Cindy’s husband staying calm and focused on what is important. (Just kidding, he has been the all-star housecleaner and grocery shopper.)




Child #2 and friend



Child #1 arrives home from Waterloo, Ontario, bringing his beautiful blond girlfriend.











Child #2 is the last to arrive after a long trip from Powell River, British Columbia.







Our family




The best part of the holidays, being all together as a family.






Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!



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