Is it Safe to Buy a Used Electric Breast Pump?

Is it Safe to Buy a Used Electric Breast Pump?


While it may be tempting to purchase a used pump, you should be aware of the

potential risks.

** Research has shown that certain viruses and bacteria can be transmitted through breast milk. **


Is it safe to buy a used electric breast pump


  • Hospital grade rental pumps are designed with a “closed system”; milk can never come in contact with the inner workings of these pumps. Cleaning the exterior of the pump and purchasing a new milk collection kit (the bottle, tubing and flange that touches the breast) is all that is necessary for safety.


  • ‘Single user’ pumps, on the other hand are designed with an “open system” meaning that there is potential for milk to accidentally enter the pump itself. There is no way to disinfect these pumps between users, even if a new kit and tubing is used.


A brand new breast pump may not always be affordable.

Hand expression of breast milk is a great no-cost alternative. Many women tell us they prefer it to pumping, finding they are able to express more milk! Learn to hand express by watching this video or reading this post.


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Cindy and Jana are Registered Nurses and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants who have assisted over 20,000 families.



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    Im due oct 10 and wanting to take a class. I was thinking that I should take the aug class just to be safe whould you recomend aug class or sept class?

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