How to Prepare for a New Baby on a Budget

How to Prepare for a New Baby on a Budget

Expecting a new baby soon? Bewildered by the vast array of products to buy? 


Here are 10 Baby Items You Don’t Need to Purchase


1. Change Table

Change tables are expensive and take up a lot of space. If you don’t have space for one, just gather a basket of changing supplies. Together with a change pad, you will be ready to do diaper changes on any flat surface!

Having supplies on each level of your home will prevent having to walk up and down the stairs. You will appreciate that in the early postpartum period!


2. Baby Bathtub

A baby bathtub is costly and will only be used for a short time. Save your money. Line your sink with a towel or put a couple of inches of water in your own bathtub and lean over the edge to do the bath.


3. Crib Bedding Set

Although they are adorable, you should pass on bumper pad and quilt sets. Bumper pads are not recommended, as they are a risk factor for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The quilts, while beautiful, are rarely soft enough to use to wrap your baby.


4. Baby Laundry Soap

Most laundry soaps marketed for baby are more expensive than similar household products. Select a dye and fragrance-free, hypoallergenic laundry soap that you can use for your entire family.


5. Stuffed Animals

It can be tempting to buy soft teddy bears or other stuffed animals for your nursery. Babies, however, are not really interested in them for the first few months of life. In addition, safe sleep guidelines would caution against having these in your baby’s crib.


6. Fancy Baby Clothes

Babies grow quickly. It is not uncommon for babies to outgrow clothing before you have had a chance to dress them in it! Borrowing or purchasing second hand clothing is much more economical. Save your money for when your child is a teen and they really care about their clothing!


7. Baby Shoes

Baby shoes are so adorable but so unnecessary! They are probably not comfortable for baby either. There is no need to purchase baby shoes until your little one is walking.


8. Breastfeeding Products

Breastfeeding is a fantastic way to save about $3,000 in baby’s first year! There are many products marketed for breastfeeding women but most of them you will not need.


Some people like to use a breastfeeding pillow but bedroom pillows can be easily substituted if needed. Once you and your baby have had a bit of practice, you will find that no pillows will be needed at all!


Women have the right to breastfeed anytime, anywhere. Nursing covers have become popular but you do not need to use one! Do whatever works to make yourself comfortable; we support you either way!


If you are considering purchasing a breast pump, this article will help you to decide what type of pump to purchase, or whether you really need one at all!


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9. Fancy Garbage Can

Fancy nursery garbage cans are marketed for odor control. Simply taking out the trash often can easily substitute for making this purchase.


10. Wipes Warmer

This is a luxury item and by no means a nursery necessity. To warm a wipe, simply hold it in the palm of your hand for a few seconds. Consider using a washcloth and warm water as a way to save even more!




Worth Spending Money On


There are 2 items we think you should purchase before baby’s arrival.

1. Car Seat

Car seats have expiry dates as plastic will break down over time. We do not recommend purchasing a car seat second hand as it is important to know the car seat’s history. Even if there is no visible damage, the plastic may have been weakened by being dropped or having been in an accident. The instruction booklet for the car seat is invaluable as you learn to adjust it to fit your baby.

2. Breastfeeding Class

Statistics show that families who learn about breastfeeding before their baby arrives feel more confident and less stressed. Knowing a little about how breastfeeding works and how newborns behave will go a long way to giving you the newborn experience you are longing for. We’ve created an online class to teach you what you need to know, Simply Breastfeeding. Sign up here.


We would love to know what baby items you felt were essential and which ones you wished you had not purchased. Please comment below!



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Cindy and Jana are Registered Nurses and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants who have assisted over 20,000 families.


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