Creating NuuNest

Creating NuuNest

A major update was released this week for NuuNest, bringing the app to the place where we always dreamed it could be. To celebrate, we thought we’d share with you the process that went into making this app.


The idea

The idea for NuuNest was conceived about 15 months ago. Through our work with new families, we knew that they wanted electronic information rather than the paper information we had been providing. We looked at the apps available on the App store but could not find one to recommend. Apps look very simple. How hard could it be to create our own? We would soon find out…


Getting started

We started by sketching out the pages of how our app should look.

We took those sketches to a local app development company, CollegeMobile. They immediately saw the potential in our project and made suggestions for ways to incorporate even more of our nursing knowledge into the app.


For our graphic design Cindy’s son suggested Hustle & Bustle, an enthusiastic startup company from Waterloo, Ontario. Thanks to technology it was very easy to work together even though they were 2,900 km away. They have made our app and website beautiful.

The hard work begins

We researched, wrote, rewrote and then rewrote again. It was very important to us to ensure that all information was up to date and based on the latest research.

Our families were patient as we worked long hours, even working on family vacations.

IMG_0593        photo 1


When we were done, we had a book’s worth of written information.


NuuNest contains 452 tips that are broken down into topics and then into subcategories, based on the age of the baby. Categorizing the tips was a challenging task. To make it easier, we cut the pages into individual tips, then taped each tip into a timeline on Jana’s kitchen counter.


When all of the written parts of the app were ready to go, CollegeMobile began the coding, taking NuuNest from paper to electronic format.


NuuNest’s Launch

It was an evening of celebration when NuuNest was first posted on the App Store, May 2nd, 2013 at 8:30 pm!

 Our launch party was held on Mother’s Day weekend, May 12th.




 The hard work continued 

Once the app was launched there was still much work to be done. We worked long hours with our developers identifying bugs and working to resolve them. During one stretch when Cindy was away at a family commitment, Jana worked 17 out of 24 hours!





Finally on July 9, our fourth and most complete update is on the App store. We are very pleased to have a well functioning and beautiful app.

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 2.08.15 PM

To celebrate, Jana plans to spend part of the summer relaxing by her backyard pool. Cindy will be on the move, visiting her son in Ontario and then on a camping trip in the northwestern United States.


Next Project

We won’t be resting for long. This fall we plan to begin our expansion to iPad and Android. Look for more news about this in the fall.


If you have comments or suggestions for us regarding NuuNest, we would love to hear from you.


To learn more about our project, check out these posts: Why Cindy & Jana? and NuuNest iPad Version Has Been Released!


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About the authors:

Cindy and Jana are Registered Nurses and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants who have assisted over 20,000 families.

Download their app NuuNest – Newborn Nurse Answers and Baby Tracking for expert guidance through the first crucial weeks after childbirth.


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  1. Ashley says:

    Nuunest has is absolutely wonderful and has come such a long way! Congrats on all you two have accomplished 🙂

  2. cheyenne says:

    I am hoping this comes out for Android very soon as it’s the only newborn tracking app I have enjoyed. (A friend has it)

    • cindyandjana says:

      Thank you! We have plans to expand to Android but do not have any firm dates yet. Stay tuned…

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