Beautiful Images for a Beautiful Cause

Beautiful Images for a Beautiful Cause

When we first heard about the Breastfeeding Calendar Project, we were intrigued. Not only are the photos gorgeous but the proceeds go towards making human milk available for the babies of Saskatchewan. To find out more, we interviewed Kim Smith, the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant behind the project.


What motivated you to create the Breastfeeding Calendar?


There are so many valuable motivations to having breastfeeding images put into print.


phpE5OHZOPMTo start with I wanted a way to celebrate breastfeeding success. Whether breastfeeding was easy or hard for a mother and baby, all women and babies deserve to celebrate this time and have others celebrate with them.


Seeing breastfeeding images helps us to normalize breastfeeding. We cannot expect new mothers to easily do something that they have never seen before. I want to see these calendars up in offices where one-day-mothers and fathers and expecting-mothers & fathers will see them. It would be great to see them in doctors’ offices, midwives offices & homes all over the world!


I wanted to have some fun with breastfeeding in the community. Getting moms and babies together, raising awareness for breastfeeding and human donor milk by using social media and photography seemed like a fun idea. I approached a few people with some ideas and once I put the bug in Ally’s ear she took off with ideas and this is the result of her hard work and dedication.


How will the proceeds be used?


Regina, Saskatchewan has recently received approval for a breast milk depot. Our Pasqua South Medical Centre Milk Depot is associated with the Calgary’s Mothers Milk Bank in Alberta. The money raised will help with initial costs such as shipping materials (coolers, ice packs) needed to get the milk to Calgary. After that we are thinking bigger picture would be to use funds to look at expanding human donor milk banking within Saskatchewan.




Why is having a breast milk depot important?


The benefits of human milk for term infants are plentiful and well recognized, especially for the preterm infant. The survival of premature babies is rising and particular attention is being focused on how optimal nutrition impacts this success. There is a reduction in length of hospital stay, necrotizing enterocolitis and sepsis in babies that received human donor milk vs. those that do not.


What is the cost of the calendar and how can our readers purchase one?


The calendars cost $25 each. This price includes shipping. Calendars can be purchased here: Breastfeeding Calendar 2015.


     Beautiful calendar, worthwhile cause!


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About the authors:

Cindy and Jana are Registered Nurses and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants who have assisted over 20,000 families.

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