Baby It’s Cold Outside! How to Keep Baby Warm Outdoors

Baby It’s Cold Outside! How to Keep Baby Warm Outdoors

In our hometown, it’s cold outside in the winter. Temperatures can dip as low as -40 degrees. But you don’t need to stay indoors just because you have a baby. Getting outdoors is great therapy for the “winter blues”.  

5 Tips to Protect Your Baby from the Cold

1)  Plus one rule

As a general rule, your baby needs the same number of clothing layers as you, plus one more. You will be moving around which generates warmth. Your baby, on the other hand, will be stationary. Think about what you would wear if you would be sitting still and dress baby in that plus one extra layer .

2) Protect from the wind

Baby’s skin is tender and can easily become chapped or frostbitten by a cold wind. Use mitts and booties to protect baby’s hands and feet. A well fitting hat is critical; babies lose a lot of heat from their heads.

3) No thick outerwear in the car seat

It may seem counter intuitive but do not dress your baby in a snowsuit or thick jacket if you will be using your car seat. The car seat straps need to be snug against baby’s chest with no more than 1-2 fingers width between the strap and the baby. Puffy outerwear will compact in a collision, putting your baby at risk. Learn more about this issue from the car seat lady hereDress your baby in long pants and long sleeves, buckle him into the car seat then tuck blankets around him.

4)  Car seat cover

A car seat cover is a small blanket with elastic at the edges to hold it tightly over a car seat. Consider investing in one (or ask a talented friend to make one for you). Put the cover on before going outside to trap warm air inside. Your baby will not even know they are outside! Many have a flap in front of baby’s face; pull it down once the baby is in the car.

5)  Wear your baby

If you are going for a walk, consider wearing your baby. A baby will be much warmer held close than in a stroller.Wear a larger coat that can zip up over your baby in the carrier. (Learn more about baby wraps and carriers in this KellyMom article.

What other tips would you add to our list? 

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