Everday we support parents as they settle in with their newborn – and we love doing it.

Cindy & Jana have worked together since 1995, helping over 20,000 families.

NuuNest is the only newborn app developed by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants

It has been said that innovation happens when experience and passion combine. The convergence between Cindy and Jana’s professional lives and their personal dreams has been an exciting journey.

Cindy and Jana have always been passionate about babies! In their careers as Registered Nurses and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, they have assisted over 20,000 new families.

They saw that parents were inundated with paper information regarding newborn care. New (and even experienced) parents were overwhelmed and frustrated in their search for up to date and accurate information.

“They have developed a mobile app and a website to offer evidenced-based information for new families.”

They have developed a mobile app, NuuNest, to fill this gap. NuuNest offers evidence-based information for both mom and baby, offering guidance through the newborn period.

Knowledge empowers parents to feel confident as they make decisions regarding the care of their newborns. Their website, cindyandjana.com offers information and reassurance across a wide range of topics including breastfeeding; infant care as well as maternal preparation and recovery from childbirth.


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Cindy Leclerc

Cindy Leclerc is a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who has dedicated her career to working with parents and their newborns.

She is a strong believer in mother-to-mother support and helps to facilitate breastfeeding and postpartum depression support groups. Cindy loves to teach parents and other nurses about all things breastfeeding and newborn.

Family is important to Cindy and she spends as much time as possible with her husband and 3 children (teenage/young adults). She loves to camp and be in the outdoors and is happiest when planning her next vacation.

Member of:

  • Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association
  • Saskatchewan Lactation Consultants Association
  • Breastfeeding Committee for Canada
  • Canadian Association of Perinatal and Women’s Health
Jana Stockham

Jana Stockham has 2 kids (in their teens), 2 dogs and a wonderful husband that picks up the slack as she strives to find the balance of work and family. Her passion to help families with new babies has led to 20 years as a community maternal child nurse and almost as many years as a Lactation Consultant.

She can be found at the hockey rink late at night, loves shopping and watching her daughter dance. She is on various committees (breastfeeding related of course!) and has been trained as a Baby Friendly assessor. She helped to coordinate the first Baby Friendly designation in Saskatchewan and has been a frequent speaker at local conferences.

Member of:

  • Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association
  • Breastfeeding Committee for Saskatchewan
  • Saskatchewan Lactation Consultants Association
  • Breastfeeding Committee for Canada