7 Reasons You will Love Camping with Your Baby

7 Reasons You will Love Camping with Your Baby

If you have a baby under 6 months, you may think you have to forgo your camping trip this year. Wrong! This may very well be the BEST time to camp. Here’s why.


If you have a baby under 6 months old, this may be the very best time to camp.



1. It will never be easier to camp with your child. Little ones under 6 months, are not yet mobile. They sit (or lay) where you put them. Next summer they will be crawling or running at full speed toward the campfire.


2. Babies are happiest when they have lots of your time. When you camp, you are forced to leave the housework and the ‘to-do’ list behind. This leaves more time for giving baby your undivided attention. Happy baby = happy parents.


3. Babies are portable. There are many comfortable carriers or wraps you can use for hikes. The toddler years will be much more challenging when they insist on walking by themselves.


4. Your baby will keep you warm around the campfire on chilly nights. If you are a breastfeeding mom, you won’t need to share the snuggles, or the warmth of the baby.


5. Babies (and adults) tend to sleep well when they have spent the day outside. When your baby does wake for a feed, tuck them in close and nurse lying down before returning them to their bed.


6. You may catch a beautiful sunrise. You may not normally get up early enough to see the sunrise, but with an early waking infant, you may just get the chance.


7. You won’t need to pack extra food. If you are exclusively nursing your little one, you won’t need to pack extra snacks or special food. The only food baby will need is always with you, and at just the right temperature.


Some baby camping tricks that have worked for us:

  • baby outdoorsPack an old sheet. Use it to cover the ground in a shady area of the campsite. Prop baby and toys on the sheet.
  • If you have a large tent and a stroller that completely reclines, try Cindy’s trick. Get your baby dressed for bed and go for an evening stroll. When baby falls asleep, simply roll the stroller into the tent.
  • Be sure to pack a light colored wide-brimmed hat to protect baby from the sun.
  • A large plastic storage bin makes an excellent bathtub. Add a couple of inches of water warmed on the campstove.
  • If your campground has a shower, it is even quicker to take baby into the shower with you.


For more clever ideas about camping with a baby, visit our “Camping with Baby” Pinterest Board.


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Cindy and Jana are Registered Nurses and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants who have assisted over 20,000 families.





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