2014 Breastfeeding Update: Recommended Apps and Websites

2014 Breastfeeding Update: Recommended Apps and Websites

We would like to welcome our friends and colleagues from the Saskatoon Population and Public Health Breastfeeding Update. We appreciate the opportunity to share with you what we have learned about the online support for breastfeeding

The following are links to 10 apps and websites that we feel offer excellent evidenced based information:

Postpartum Progress

  • Excellent website created by Katherine Stone, a survivor of Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety and Postpartum Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
  • Lots of great information in “plain Mama English”.
  • “Warrior Mom” posts (stories of mothers who have come through perinatal mood and anxiety disorders).
  • This website is not mobile optimized.
  • 3 of her posts that every health care professional working with breastfeeding women should read:

Why Do Women Get Postpartum Depression & Postpartum Anxiety? Risk Factors
The Symptoms of Postpartum Depression & Anxiety (in Plain Mama English)
6 Surprising Symptoms of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety


Breastfeeding Inc

  • Dr. Jack Newman’s website (a pediatrician and breastfeeding advocate).
  • Excellent breastfeeding information, including strategies for managing common problems.
  • 16 breastfeeding videos.
  • His articles have been translated into 10 different languages (not all 40 articles are translated for each language).
  • This website is not mobile optimized.


Kelly Mom

  • baby-84627_640-3Kelly is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.
  • She is highly respected online by both mothers and health care professionals.
  • Well-written, research-based posts complete with references.
  • She also has a mother-to-mother support group on Facebook.
  • This website is not mobile optimized.


La Leche League.org

  • A great website with over 150 answers to breastfeeding questions, conveniently grouped by topic.
  • Mother-to-mother forums for problems such as Breastfeeding Support, Working Pumping and Expressing Milk and Milk Production Issues.
  • Information is available in 11 different languages.
  • Women can ask questions online and a trained LLL volunteer will respond within a few days
  • This website is mobile optimized.



  • From Dr. Thomas Hale and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.
  • Comprehensive articles such as Alcohol and Breastfeeding and Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy. (Articles were written in 2010 to 2013.)
  • Excellent resource for health care professionals.
  • The Infant Risk Helpline provides answers to questions about the use of drugs, herbal products and chemicals during pregnancy and breastfeeding. There is no fee to use this service.
  • This website is not mobile optimized.


The Leaky Boob

  • baby-355329_640Jessica, the founder, has 6 children of her own. Her website is based on the values of respect, gentleness and informed decision.
  • Lots of educational information about breastfeeding.
  • Includes personal stories and experiences as well as open discussion.
  • Has an active Facebook page and a members only forum.
  • This website is not mobile optimized.



  • Written by 2 Registered Nurses and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants.
  • Evidenced-based information about breastfeeding, newborn care and mom’s recovery from childbirth.
  • Resource page gives families quick access to the most common questions new parents ask.
  • Designed to follow the Baby Friendly guidelines and the WHO Code.
  • This website is mobile optimized.


Breastfeeding Solutions App

  • Created by Nancy Mohrbacher, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.
  • $6.99
  • Available for iPhone and Android.
  • A decision tree for the 30 most common breastfeeding problems.
  • Written articles for common breastfeeding challenges.
  • A great pocket guide for health care professionals who work with breastfeeding families.


Lact Med App

  • From National Library of Medicine’s Toxicology Data Network
  • Free app for iPhone and Android.
  • Information about the use of drugs, herbs or dietary supplements while breastfeeding.
  • Summarizes the effects of the drug on the infant, on lactation; suggests alternate drugs.
  • A great resource for health care professionals to have on their phone.


NuuNest App

  • Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 7.51.56 AMCreated by 2 Registered Nurses and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants.
  • Guides parents through the first crucial weeks after childbirth.
  • “All About Mom”: what’s normal after childbirth and when to worry.
  • “All About Baby”: Includes sections on cord care, newborn jaundice, vitamin D, a baby bath video and FAQ.
  • Information for making an informed infant feeding decision.
  • Everything parents need to know about milk expression, baby’s feeds, weight and diapers (photos included!)
  • 454 tips delivered according to the baby’s age.
  • Tracking of feeds, wet and dirty diapers and weight is available.
  • $2.99. For iPhone and iPad.


If you have a favorite website or app you think we should know about, we would love to hear from you.


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About the authors:

Cindy and Jana are Registered Nurses and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants who have assisted over 20,000 families.

Download their app NuuNest – Newborn Nurse Answers and Baby Tracking for expert guidance through the first crucial weeks after childbirth.



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  1. Dear Cindy and Jana,

    I love your website and list! Cheers! Have you seen our app latchME? It’s evidence-based, WHO Code-compliant, and does something none of the above can do–it connects mothers to in-the-flesh professionals, human milk banks, places to get pumps, and breastfeeding-friendly businesses in their areas! Best of all it’s free!

    Download latchME at latchMD.com/latchMEapp.html to check it out. In just 4 months since launch, we have over 15,000 downloads, 17,000 facebook followers, and mothers and professionals connecting in many countries around the world. USLCA is now among our list of growing sponsors and we’re working with coalitions everywhere (including The Big Latch On!) to get IBCLC’s, WICs, and other key resources onto the map. We even have Johnny Rockets sharing its stores where mothers are supported.

    We’d love to get latchME onto your list of for mothers and work with your to grow all our apps and reach. Please let me know how we can best go about that!


    Jonathan Goldfinger, MD, MPH FAAP

    • cindyandjana says:

      Your app sounds excellent Jonathan. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Email us, we’d love to learn more.

      Cindy and Jana

  2. The Milk Meg says:

    Hi Cindy and Jana! I’m an IBCLC and mum of three. I have a blog, http://www.themilkmeg.com and would love for you to add this to the list if you enjoy it and think it will be helpful for breastfeeding mothers!Thank you! Meg

  3. cindyandjana says:

    We LOVE your website (and your Facebook page)! We have shared lots of your posts via Twitter.
    Thanks for all you do to support breastfeeding mothers.

    Cindy and Jana

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