14 Ways Newborns Steal Your Heart


14 Ways a Newborn Steals Your Heart


There is something magical about the newborn period. Here are 14 things that make us fall in love.



1.  Newborns recognize their mother’s voice, having heard it while in the womb.


2.  Newborns recognize their mother by smell. (If mom and baby have to be separated, baby will be calmer if an object with mom’s scent is nearby.)


3.  A newborn will grasp a finger placed in the palm of his hand.


4.  A newborn’s needs are simple: food, warmth and love.


5.  Newborns are not passive. They are born with the ability to make their needs known; they will continue to communicate until their needs are met.


6.  Newborns who are hungry and fussing will begin to settle when put into a feeding position.


7.  Newborns are portable! It is easy to take them with you, without straining your back.


8.  A newborn is happiest curled up against your chest. They love to hear your heartbeat; it reminds them of being in the womb.


9.  No need to be home for naps! A newborn can sleep anywhere.


10.  You can snuggle as much as you like knowing you cannot spoil a newborn.


11.  Newborns smell deliciously good, especially the top of their heads!


12.  A newborn can see most clearly at a distance of 8 – 12 inches (21 – 30 cm), perfect for seeing your face while cradled in your arms.


13.  A newborn’s eyes are 70% of adult size, making them appear very large in comparison to their body. It’s part of what makes them so darn cute!


14.  Every newborn has a unique personality. Some are very laid back while others seem to demand your attention — NOW!


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Cindy and Jana are Registered Nurses and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants who have assisted over 20,000 families.


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