10 Tips to Help Baby’s Siblings Adjust

10 Tips to Help Baby’s Siblings Adjust

Bringing a new baby home can be an adjustment for everyone, siblings included. While it can be difficult initially, a brother or sister is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Here are 10 tips to ease the transition.

1. Talk with your child about what to expect. Read books together about having a new baby in the family. Once baby arrives, talk to your older child about how they are feeling. They may want the baby to go away and this is normal.

2. Involve your older child. Ask them to bring you a diaper, pick out the baby’s outfit or help bathe the baby with their own baby washcloth.

3. Try to spend a few minutes alone together every day. It doesn’t have to be long. Tuck them into bed, read a story or play with their favorite toy. If someone offers to help, let them hold the baby so you can focus some undivided attention on your older child.

4. Show them their own baby photo or video. Let them know how excited you were when they arrived.

5. Consider buying your son or daughter a doll so they can play with their “own baby”.

6. Buy a gift from the baby, congratulating them on being a big brother or sister. Toys, games or new books can come in handy.

7. Make your child a part of the celebration. Ask your older child to introduce the baby to visitors.

8. If you are going to move your child to a new bedroom or out of their crib, try to do this prior to the baby prior to the baby’s birth. It will be one less adjustment after the baby arrives.

9. Reinforce the positives of being “big”. Within earshot of the older sibling, tell the baby why they are lucky to have such a wonderful big brother or sister.

10. Expect regressions in areas such as potty training or night waking. Be patient with your child. Try to change the daily routine as little as possible.

Adjusting to a new sibling can be a challenging time for your older child. Reassurance of continuing love will help ease this transition.


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